Creating a data- and CX-driven market challenger

Background and Challenges

One of Finland’s largest listed companies with a leading position in northern Europe came to Shift with a nightmare. It was their CEO’s worst nightmare which revolved around increasing disruption threats and signs of new market entrants from outside their industry.


Create a market challenger for the consumer market with the best customer experience in the industry, backed up by an organization that is entirely data-driven, with the best of breed technology stack as an enabler for success in multiple European markets.

Solution and Outcomes

Validated customer experience and journeys as a foundation for customer-centric transformation

Detailed scoping of enterprise-level technology stack

Implementation plan

Ensuring rapid momentum in strategic implementation on a global level

From strategic theme into a new concrete business offering

Background and Challenges

Our client, a market leading European utility company, had identified untapped potential among their clients in terms of optimizing energy use and thereby improve conditions for reaching climate targets. In order to leverage internal know-how of energy efficiency and executing on newly developed strategy, our client wanted to bring a new offering to the market.

The problem: there was a lack of vision, comprehensive market understanding, and overall ambiguity of what a new offering should entail.

Solution and Outcomes

During a 6-month engagement, Shift took a vague idea and first validated problems, outlined and validated a solution based on said problems, and created a new service offering concept.

Shift took lead in selling the concept to acquire a pilot customer with whom our client developed a MVP.

During MVP development, Shift took lead in ensuring business viability, by broadened data gathering to increase market and customer understanding, design value proposition and create a commercialization plan.


  • Conceptualized and targeted service offering – what to sell, to whom, and how
  • Pilot customer acquisition
  • Validated value propositions, revenue model and willingness to buy

Customer journeys as a foundation for strategic decision making

Background and Challenges

As a global export company, our client felt the need to get a better understanding of their customers across their different customer segments and markets.  They felt unsure if they were serving their customers to their best ability, if the customers behavior had changed during the last years and what opportunities and threats they should act on. They chose to utilize their trusted partner Shift Actions.

Solution and Outcomes

During a twelve-week project, Shift Actions was tasked with capturing and mapping out customer insights in customer journeys for four different customer segments. Through customer and stakeholder interviews Shift Actions created journeys in form of detailed descriptions that captures customer behaviour, what needs, and challenges customers face when evaluating new suppliers and solutions.

Through detailed customer journeys the client was enabled to understand the customers, evaluate their own performance and understand how to improve the business from a customer perspective. Based on this work the management team were able to take action on identified key strategic opportunities and threats.


  • Detailed understanding of customer behavior, challenges and needs
  • Company performance evaluated when serving the customer, where they are meeting customer expectations and where they are far off
  • Identified key strategic themes, opportunities and threats to act on