Business Transformation

Comprehensive and strategic or focused and tactical, transformation revolves around the need to create new value.

Aligning transformation with customer and end-user behaviour is the key to unlocking this value.

Are you wondering how you can increase growth, explore and identify new business models and transform how you sell and distribute your products or services? Our clients typically approach us during or right after major strategic overhauls.

Typical questions include
  • How can we change the way we approach the market and sell to our customers?
  • How can we future-proof our sales or distribution models?
  • How can we change our business models to stay relevant in a future where market shares and value-chains are re-distributed and potentially disrupted?
  • Or even, if we would re-build our company from scratch, what would be the optimal setup given today’s circumstances?

Established companies are great at executing and optimizing business models, but less equipped to search for, develop and launch new business models. Many great ideas are identified in corporations but die before they are acted on. Even worse, some bad ideas are invested in before their merits are validated with customers.

At Shift, business innovation follows a tried and trusted methodology of discovering the underlying problems worth solving before creating and validating feasible solutions with end-users and stakeholders. Together with our clients we have approached business innovation through a variety of routes, ranging from rapid sprints to extensive corporate intrapreneurship and venturing programs.

A common denominator for all innovation initiatives is forming a cross-functional team together with our client with the end-goal of co-creating actual business value.

Take a second to imagine the worst thing to happen to your market or business segment! Either disruption by completely new and unexpected market entrants or a competitor pushing the limits in your industry.

As technology is becoming democratized and value-creation becomes easier, the risk of market disruption increases. Instead of waiting for disruption to happen in your industry, we deploy our team to build the worst nightmare our clients can think of. Simply put: Unlearning takes more time than learning. And the newcomers do not have to unlearn. They just have to learn.

Our cross functional team brings the best of business, marketing, design, and tech thinking to the table. With a vast global network, we have the ability to push your initiative worldwide.

Experience Transformation

In B2B and B2C businesses alike, most would agree on the importance of delivering a world class experience for all stakeholders, customers, partners and employees alike.

Creating a strong, cross-functional link between the client-facing experience and the internal machinery that enables it is crucial for realizing the potential value in great CX.

Over the last few years Customer Experience has become a buzzword. Simultaneously companies are under pressure to optimize and streamline their organizations to meet operational excellence targets. Consequently, few companies have mastered CX and are missing out on a competitive advantage.

Shift Actions’ customer journey and customer experience evaluation projects aim to bring companies closer to customers and enable them to establish more intimate, longer and lucrative relationships. During the process, understanding value creation mechanisms supports prioritizing CX investments.

Outcomes include
  • Comprehensive customer experience gap analysis from awareness to loyalty.
  • Identified corrective actions to close the experience gap and deliver on CX vision.
  • Prioritization and guidance for CX investments
  • CX management framework, defined overarching goals and KPIs.
  • And finally a concrete implementation roadmap

Customers who have gone through the initial steps of mapping out their customer journeys and analyzing their experience gaps turn to Shift asking for support to plan out the operational changes needed.

The focus in these engagements is on turning around the organization into a truly customer experience focused organization, capable of delivering CX cross-functionally from sales and marketing to logistics and R&D.

A central piece of the experience puzzle is to establish continuous CX measurement and monitoring to safeguard that the desired CX is delivered in all channels and when it fails, that corrective actions are taken.

Customers who have recently set up or re-focused their Customer Experience efforts tend to need support in managing and following up on these efforts. Shift has the capabilities to set up interim or continuous management services which act as a natural extension of our clients’ organizations.

Together with our clients we are able to maintain momentum, focus and continuously and iteratively develop CX delivery. This way we ensure that your early CX investments are delivering core-business value.

Operational Transformation

New client facing solutions and experiences need to be supported by internal operations that ensure cross-functional delivery is up to par.

Without adequate operational models, great customer experience risks failing when it matters the most.

Shift is typically engaged by companies who have been focusing on operational excellence over the last few years and realized that they have lost track of their commercial excellence.

Common questions to Shift include
  • How can we reshape our customer portfolio to increase profitability?
  • How can we increase customer loyalty & lifetime value?
  • How can we serve low-value customers more efficiently?
  • How can we enable our organization to sell commercial concepts and value?
  • How can we identify new segments or markets to diversify into?

Shift Actions has helped companies re-engineer and transform internal processes in industries ranging from project based B2B all the way to financial B2C services. The typical aim is to create customer focused and CX driven processes which deliver customer value, efficiency and competitive advantages.

The key to success is our technology agnostic approach and our empirically driven methodology which focuses on validating both problems and solutions directly with end customers.

Taking business concepts and initiatives into operation requires the right resources at the right time in order to maintain momentum. Many times this equation does not realize itself among our clients, which is when Shift is called upon to act on the opportunity at hand.

We have extensive experience from working alongside our clients, ranging from ground level sales activities to ramping up and leading strategic initiatives.

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