By combining shared experiences from traditional management consultancies and chaotic startups alike, the founders of Shift Actions finally saw the solution. Combining the strategic understanding of management consultants and the empirical, stakeholder driven approach of the lean startup methodology. This enabled solving bigger problems faster, with less friction and internal debate.

Validate the problem

What is the real problem, who is it a problem for, and is it worth solving? Is it scalable?

Validate the solution

Iterate and validate the solution. Would end-users buy it? What does it take to sell it? What is the most effective UVP and route to market?

Align and integrate

What would it take for you to sell and deliver it? Is it even feasible for your company to sell it? What capabilities are needed, or do we need an entirely new company?

Validate the business case

Can we build a viable business around it? What is the market potential, what are the investment needs, and what would the implementation roadmap look like?

This is an empirical, fast-moving and proven methodology of solving problems and building businesses. It has enabled us to build new disruptive businesses and  solve internal process inefficiencies, formulate strategies and build customer experience and commercial excellence programs.

So far, we haven’t found an industry or application it can’t handle. Feel free to challenge us.