Background and Challenges

Our client realized that the current way football stadiums are being designed is inefficient, expensive and excessively time consuming. This led the client to question the current process and started exploring the idea of introducing configurability and standardization to the stadia development process. For this explorative project they chose to utilize their trusted partner Shift Actions.

Solution and Outcomes

During a 6-month engagement. Shift Actions established an understanding of challenges & bottlenecks in the current process, what customers and stakeholders need and value, and what opportunities there is for the client. Then collaboratively with the client, we created a solution in the form of a new facilitated stadium development process with a clear target segment and market to serve. We also created the service blueprint, workshop templates and business case models needed to deliver the new solution.

At the end of the 6-month engagement the customer gained a clear current state understanding of the market, a validated new solution that they were able to pilot with identified potential customer and  an internal success story for their innovation initiatives


  • Current state market understanding
  • A validated new service offering
  • The opportunity to grab a larger market share