As businesses mature, growth tends to become incremental. But we’re here to change that. Our innovation capabilities ensure you stay relevant, competitive, and profitable.

Transforming innovation initiatives into revenue always comes with a risk. But with right support and guidance, it’s also where the greatest rewards can be won.

When it comes to innovation projects designed to create new value, growth, and profitability, we are a world class operator. Our tailor-made consultancy services deliver comprehensive solutions for your business. We’ll help you explore new markets, sectors, segments – and most importantly, customer needs.

New business development is a challenging sphere. Fresh initiatives rarely get the focus and time they deserve and are frequently built on non-validated assumptions.

We turn ideas and R&D projects into new business concepts ten times faster than your competitors.

We follow our tried and tested methodology that begins with discovering the problems worth solving, before creating and validating feasible solutions with stakeholders.

Through first-hand insights, we solve even the most complex industrial problems and help them turn into growth opportunities for your company to act on.

R&D efforts and business concepts can get stuck as internal hobbies and pilot projects, instead of reaching the market.

We work together with your professionals and make sure your business concepts and R&D efforts go to market swiftly and generate actual business in the hands of paying customers.

Thanks to tested methodologies and long-standing experience in the field, we design and validate value propositions, pricing logics, and commercialization plans for new business concepts and R&D developments.

Innovative companies are more profitable and grow faster than competitors. However, innovation needs a guiding star for the company to rally behind.

Our innovation strategy work aims to establish the path to growth, setting clear ambitions, guidelines, operational frameworks, and targets for innovation.

Together with our clients we put their current business under the microscope. We analyze how it is performing, what trends are affecting it, and how these might steer the business. This enables us to determine how we can act on these trends through innovation. We assess which arenas we want to explore for further growth and which arenas we do not. This creates a clear and feasible direction for your innovation opportunities.

Innovation needs to be woven into the fabric of everything your company does. It must be part of your company culture and have a clear place in your organization where it is allowed to thrive.

We help clients tailor their company so that innovation is possible. We help establish roles and develop the processes required to execute this shared vision for growth.

We establish the roles and processes required to run innovative initiatives internally. We tailor the operational needs to the client at hand, based on an evaluation of their innovation strategy and ambition. We help your company to enjoy an effective and successful innovation pipeline that cuts time to market.


Guiding ventures and creating growth engines from the ground up is what we do best. We’re always on the look-out for companies pursuing ambitious ventures. By partnering with us, we can put you in the front row where the action is – and ensure you get first dibs on the success.

By leveraging your in-house knowledge and capabilities, combined with our experience in building ventures, we can help your company reach new highs and obtain new market shares faster than your competitors.

Building new growth engines can be challenging whether it’s an internal venture or an arms-length venture. To grow faster than the market and stay competitive in the future, combining your best capabilities with new business dynamics is key.

We build new growth engines outside the business-as-usual, utilizing your untapped capabilities and market potential. We provide the entrepreneurial experience, speed, flexibility, and focus that is hard to achieve in established corporations.

With an experienced team and track record we utilize our customer-centric methodologies to ensure that venture incubation begins quickly and effectively.

Before starting to scale up a new business venture it is important to feel confident that it is the right thing to do. That’s why piloting is the ideal first step to increase the validation of your offerings.

Depending on the initiative being piloted it might require:

  • Creating a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Conducting pre-sales in the selected market
  • Co-developing an offering in accordance with customer feedback

Together with our clients, we help companies pilot their business ventures and offering to make sure they are moving in the direction that best allows them to succeed.

Taking business concepts and initiatives into operation requires the right resources at the right time in order to gain and maintain momentum.

We offer an experienced and dynamic interim management team that can focus all its effort on the operations at hand.

We have extensive experience from working alongside our clients as team members, ranging from ground level sales activities to ramping up, and leading strategic initiatives through virtual HQs.

Bringing your new offering or venture to the market comes with uncertainty and investment decisions. When taking your venture forward, you should not have to bear the risks alone.

When it comes to exciting new ventures, we are ready to put our skin in the game. We want to make venturing more comfortable and safer for you by bringing our expertise to the table – and sharing the risk.

Thanks to our venture fund structure and ready-made risk-sharing models, we can deliver partial sweat-equity projects. Which give your venture access to premium consulting in a cost-efficient way.


Understanding customer behavior is key for any company looking to remain relevant.

Creating an accurate profile of your customers based on comprehensive research allows you to serve them better than competitors. It also allows you to increase operational efficiency by tailoring your internal processes to match the customer’s journey.

Because ultimately, happy customers mean greater revenue.

Developing a comprehensive and detailed understanding of your customers allows you to take your business to the next level.

Understanding customer journeys gives you the ability to drive customer-centric, strategic, commercial, and operational development.

Poor understanding of your customers’ journeys can result in missed opportunities for your company to create value, and for you to discover bottlenecks that are inhibiting growth. It is a roadmap on where to invest – and where not to.

We create in-depth and strategic customer journeys that act as a detailed description of customer behavior, needs, and challenges – from first interaction to loyal customer. This allows your company to invest with better accuracy.

We accurately capture customers’ thinking throughout the journey with a combination of qualitative and quantitative research supported by fieldwork and stakeholder engagement.

Developing an understanding of ever-changing industries and their dynamics can feel overwhelming. Without support, it can become unfamiliar territory. The functioning of the business environment can become unclear, along with how the stakeholders play together and what themes are at the forefront.

We help companies explore markets and industries and help them to understanding the challenges they are facing and what opportunities exist.

By utilizing our road-tested methodology and frameworks for exploration, we create valuable market insight that analyses the biggest risks, largest opportunities, and value pockets.

Understanding the actual value your product or service delivers is crucial for new innovations, entering new markets with existing offerings, and understanding changes in your current market. It guides your salesforce value-based sales.

Value proposition design is key when developing customer-centric solutions and fully-fledged sales narratives. It ensures that you understand your customers – and that you bring actual value to them.

Through deep-dive customer interviews, we map out the customer’s jobs to be done, pains they experience trying to conduct said jobs, and gains they wish they experienced. This allows us to design solutions with the right pain relivers and gain creators, in turn bringing value and satisfaction to the customer.