As businesses mature, growth tends to become incremental. We’re here to change that. We provide comprehensive, focused consultative services that revolve around the fundamental necessity every business has: to create new value, growth and profitability. This means exploring new markets, segments, sectors, and most importantly – new customer needs.

This is where the stakes are the highest. But so are the rewards. We feel comfortable here.

We have delivered successful projects covering the following topics:

  • Service & Product development
  • Business model innovation
  • Concept development
  • Commercialization & go-to-market

We follow a tried and trusted methodology of discovering the problems worth solving before creating and validating feasible solutions with end-users and stakeholders. By combining firsthand insights with data science we create a foundation to solve even the most complex industrial problems.

Are you wondering how you can genuinely pivot your business to a futureproof position? How can you explore and identify new business models and transform how you sell and distribute your products or services? If you are in the process of considering or implementing a major strategic overhaul, then we are here to help.

Typical big business  problems we love to solve

  • How might we change the way we approach the market and sell to our customers?
  • How might we future-proof our sales or distribution models?
  • How might we change our business models to stay relevant in a future where market shares and value chains are re-distributed and potentially disrupted?
  • Or even, if we would re-build our company from scratch, what would be the optimal setup given today’s circumstances?

Take a second to imagine the worst thing to happen to your market or business segment. Either disruption by completely new and unexpected market entrants or a competitor pushing the limits in your industry. As technology is becoming democratized and value-creation becomes easier, the risk of market disruption increases.

Instead of waiting for disruption to happen, our cross functional team brings the best of business, marketing, design, data science, and tech thinking to tackle your worst nightmare before you have it.

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In our experience, companies do not suffer from a lack of ideas. They do however have trouble executing and capitalizing on the opportunity. We help companies commercialize initiatives by constructing detailed development roadmaps, resource requirements and operational frameworks. Nothing is left to wither in a pptx file.

A business is presented with new opportunities and challenges each day; without a game plan for prioritizing what to work on and invest in, precious time, energy, and money can be wasted.

Enter the enterprise-level, or strategic, project management office (PMO). The PMO serves as the critical link between executive vision and the work of the enterprise. By providing a standard organizational methodology for planning, executing, staffing, prioritizing, and learning from all the projects that comprise today’s organization, the PMO gives organizational life a coherence that has long been lacking.

Change management is often the hardest and riskiest part of a transformation – which many times is a constant force. With our empathic approach and visual and thorough deliverables we optimize your change management efforts. We’ve been called upon many times to provide continued momentum, because driving change is like riding a bike: the slower you go the harder it is.

Taking business concepts and initiatives into operation requires the right resources at the right time in order to maintain momentum. Many times this equation does not realize itself among our clients, which is when Shift is called upon to act on the opportunity at hand. This gives you time to find the right hires and we make sure they’re able to hit the ground running.

We have extensive experience from working alongside our clients, ranging from ground level sales activities to ramping up and leading strategic initiatives.

As the traditional avenues of corporate growth become less attractive, many companies find the appeal of new venture strategies harder to resist.

Though difficult to implement and often slow to repay investment, these strategies do offer the promise of facilitating entry into new business areas with innovative, usually tech-based products and services. And for large companies with many layers of management and detailed control systems, ventures offer the special promise of recapturing some vital spark of entrepreneurial energy.

We’ve built ventures from scratch before and are always eager to do so again using a built-to-buy model where you have front row seats to the action and dibs on the success.


New client facing solutions and services need to be supported by internal operations that ensure cross-functional delivery is up to par. Without adequate operational models, great value risks failing when it matters the most.

To reach modern standards of operational efficiency companies require data. Depending on how it is analyzed, data can reveal patterns that human cognition and manual management couldn’t spot. It is not unusual for insights to seem counter intuitive to a rational mind.

We help companies realize the power of their data by asking business critical questions. This creative curiosity is a profoundly human ability and allows companies to run experiments and optimize operations with a renewed confidence.

Data provides intelligence and an advantage in the following ways:

  • Analytical insights provide an up to date overview of the health of your business.
  • Market intelligence keeps you ahead of the curve as you have foresight to trends and changes in behavior and how they impact your business.
  • Experiment with combinations and attributes that reveal the optimal direction to drive a desired behavior.

Leaders want their businesses to be as successful as possible as customer expectations change. This state is achievable once all the seemingly separate parts of the business are united. It is the coming together of sales, marketing and service that when combined improve the customer experience. As customer begin to experience less friction and more value, their loyalty increases which in turn drives revenue.

We analyze your business from the outside in and figure out the most advanced yet acceptable way to serve customers. Key topics include looking at customer acquisition, life time value and loyalty attributes. We look at the expected levels of service for different customer types as low vs high value customers can be served in multiple ways.

Processes are the cornerstones of any business. They shape the links between customers, employees, data and culture. They hold explicit and silent knowledge and define the customer experience.

We take a technology agnostic approach to process transformation and look at the elements that either detract value from the process and what could potentially contribute with value.



When its time to execute and solve a business challenge once and for all, we trust our 30 day sprint process. We do in 6 weeks what would traditionally take 12 months for companies to do themselves. Our battle tested sprint process takes you from having a big problem on your hands, to having an opportunity in your pocket.

Several industry leaders have kick started their initiatives and executed on their corporate strategy by unboxing our sprint.