Background and Challenges

ONE of the leading marine and yacht insurance companies in Northern Europe was facing increasingly aggressive growth targets from their board of directors and needed new fuel for their international market expansion.

Being an old company with long traditions they had realized that they needed two things.

  1. A digital transformation strategy to make sure they fully utilize the opportunities digitalization brings.
  2. help with the implementation of the strategy while establishing their own internal digital business unit.

Solution and Outcomes

The first phase of Shift’s engagement with the insurance company was a 3 month long digital transformation strategy project. The strategy was built on two pillars. The current business strategy and customer needs. In order to do this, Shift performed deep diving interviews both internally with the insurance company, with brokers and customers.

The second phase of the project was a 9-month-long engagement where the Shift Team acted as interim Chief Digital Officer and digital business development team. During the engagement the core strategic initiatives were driven forward and implemented. Final handover was completed to the new digital team and CDO whom was hired during the project.