A Shift Actions white paper series

Part 2: Uncovering the objectives, barriers and processes of undertaking a digital transformation

Digital Transformation offers great opportunities for reinventing entire businesses by offering the means for reshaped & improved stakeholder value creation, while simultaneously creating the foundation for operational excellence. However, for traditional industrial companies, it is considered a significant challenge to venture into the many unknowns related to the phenomenon. Therefore, there is a need for shedding light on the topic in order to reduce the risk of transformation efforts ending up in failure.

Current state of Digital Transformation in the Nordic business environment is a three-part series of white papers based on a research collaboration between Shift Actions and Hanken School of Economics. The findings are based on 19 interviews with senior management members and leaders of large Nordic industrial companies. The white papers represent developing work on the topic of digital transformation.

“As stated by Nordic industry leaders, the majority of digital initiatives are focused on incremental innovation, whilst very few companies are taking a leap of faith and striving to transform their entire business by doing something totally different.”

The second instalment of the series, “Part 2: Uncovering the objectives, barriers and processes of undertaking a digital transformation”, examines why organizations transform, what they are trying to achieve, and obstacles standing in their way. Additionally, the paper presents contemporary understandings of how a digital transformation can unfold.

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